Referral Terms & Conditions

1. After registration, you can find your referral code in your DASHBOARD under REFERRAL tab, which is automatically generated.

2.  Share the referral code with the other person and ask to use it while registering for a free trial/paid subscription from our site. You can view the status of your referrals in your DASHBOARD under REFERRAL tab. 

3. You will receive 10% of the subscription charges (Monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually) as a referral bonus for each referral made by you who have subscribed to our paid services. You will also receive 10% referral bonus every time when the person you referred subscribes to our paid services.

4. You can withdraw the referral amount on Saturday of each week in your DASHBOARD under REFERRAL tab to the bank account linked by you or you can use the bonus to pay for your next subscription.

5. Payout will be credited only to your bank account updated in your account. It will take 2-4 business days for the payout to be reflected in your account.

6. If the person doesn’t enter your code, you will not receive any referral bonus. Make sure that the other person uses your referral code. 

7. It is not required that you and the person you refer should subscribe to the same plan. Plans can differ.

8. There is no limit on referring people.

9. 5% TDS will be deducted from your referral amount.



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